1: Meet Lelouch Lamperouge - a strategic mastermind who can alter reality with his Geass power.

2: Enter Light Yagami - a genius student turned ruthless vigilante with his deadly Death Note.

3: Witness Homura Akemi - a time traveler who sacrifices everything to save her beloved friend.

4: Discover Haruhi Suzumiya - a high school girl with godlike powers to reshape the world as she pleases.

5: Explore Madoka Kaname - a magical girl who defies fate and challenges the laws of the universe.

6: Uncover Sora and Shiro - a brother-sister duo unbeatable in the gaming world of Disboard.

7: Experience Simon - a meek digger turned fearless leader fighting for humanity's survival.

8: Behold Akane Tsunemori - an idealistic detective in a dystopian future questioning the nature of justice.

9: Embrace Natsuki Subaru - a reincarnated hero facing endless trials in a world that defies logic.