1: 1. Ziva and Tony reunite onscreen 2. Explosive chemistry between the duo 3. Action-packed storyline that keeps you on the edge 4. Intriguing mysteries waiting to be solved 5. Nostalgic throwbacks to NCIS days

2: 6. Compelling character dynamics and growth 7. Guest appearances from familiar faces 8. Unexpected plot twists and turns 9. Emotional rollercoaster ride for fans 10. A must-watch for NCIS enthusiasts

3: 11. Strong, kick-ass female lead in Ziva David 12. Tony DiNozzo's witty banter and charm 13. Riveting cases and investigations 14. Heartwarming moments and reunions 15. The perfect blend of drama and humor

4: 16. Stunning locations and cinematography 17. High-octane action sequences 18. Suspenseful cliffhangers that leave you guessing 19. New challenges and adversaries for the team 20. Unforgettable moments that will stay with you

5: 21. Answers to long-standing mysteries and questions 22. Epic showdowns and confrontations 23. Tribute to the legacy of NCIS 24. A fresh take on the beloved characters 25. Surprises and revelations that will shock you

6: 26. Powerhouse performances by the cast 27. Twists that will keep you hooked 28. Tension-filled moments that raise the stakes 29. Deep dives into the characters' pasts 30. A love letter to NCIS fans

7: 31. Emotional depth and resonance 32. Complex relationships and connections 33. A rollercoaster of emotions 34. The ultimate must-watch series 35. 10 exciting reasons to tune in now

8: 36. Ziva and Tony's epic return 37. A thrilling new chapter for the duo 38. Unforgettable moments that will leave you breathless 39. The perfect blend of drama and action 40. A series that will captivate and enthrall

9: 41. A celebration of friendship and loyalty 42. The legacy of NCIS lives on 43. A new beginning for Ziva and Tony 44. The ultimate TV event of the year 45. Don't miss out on the excitement and drama now!