1: Discover valuable American nickels that are still in circulation today. Learn about their history and current worth.

2: The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is one of the rarest coins. Only five are known to exist, making it extremely valuable.

3: The 1937-D Buffalo nickel, with the Three-Legged Buffalo design, is a popular collectible due to the minting error.

4: The 1942-P War Nickel is composed of 35% silver and is sought after by collectors for its precious metal content.

5: The 1950-D Jefferson nickel is valued for its low mintage and excellent condition. Look out for this rare coin in your change.

6: The 1964-D Jefferson nickel with the Reverse of 1965 is a valuable variety. Keep an eye out for this hidden gem.

7: The 2005-S Westward Journey nickel series, including the Bison and Ocean in View designs, are modern collectibles with high value.

8: The 2019-W War in the Pacific nickel features a privy mark and is produced in limited quantities. Look for this special coin.

9: Explore the world of valuable American nickels still in circulation. Check your pocket change for these hidden treasures today.