1: Discover the top 11 high-protein foods for weight loss, recommended by dietitians. Boost your results with these nutritious options!

2: 1. Eggs are a versatile and affordable protein source, perfect for any meal or snack. Start your day right!

3: 2. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein. It's a great choice for heart health and weight loss.

4: 3. Chicken breast is a lean protein option that's easy to cook and pairs well with a variety of flavors.

5: 4. Greek yogurt is rich in protein and probiotics, making it a gut-friendly choice for your weight loss journey.

6: 5. Lentils are a plant-based protein that's high in fiber and essential nutrients. Add them to soups, salads, and more!

7: 6. Quinoa is a complete protein that's also gluten-free. Use it as a base for salads or in place of rice.

8: 7. Tofu is a versatile soy-based protein that absorbs flavors well. Incorporate it into stir-fries or scrambles for added protein.

9: 8. Almonds are a protein-packed snack that also provides healthy fats. Enjoy them on their own or add them to salads for a crunchy boost.