1: 1. Choose a shallow bird bath to attract hummingbirds. 2. Place the bird bath near flowers to encourage visits.

2: 3. Use a fountain or dripper for moving water. 4. Keep the water clean and fresh for hummingbirds.

3: 5. Add rocks or sticks for perching spots. 6. Avoid using chemicals near the bird bath.

4: 7. Install a mister to create a fine spray. 8. Place the bird bath in a shaded area for cool water.

5: 9. Use a red or brightly colored bird bath. 10. Opt for a bird bath with a rough surface for grip.

6: 11. Clean the bird bath regularly to prevent disease. 12. Add a few drops of essential oils to attract hummingbirds.

7: 13. Provide a source of moving water nearby. 14. Position the bird bath away from predators.

8: 15. Incorporate plants around the bird bath for cover. 16. Consider multiple bird baths for busy yards.

9: 17. Use a saucer or shallow dish for a DIY bird bath. 18. Enjoy watching hummingbirds frolic in your yard!