1: 15 Minutes Snacks Recipe Easy Chocolate Banana Cake in Frying Pan

2: Mix ripe bananas with cocoa powder Add flour, sugar, and baking powder Pour batter in a greased pan Cook on low heat for 15 minutes

3: Flip the cake halfway through cooking Let it cool before slicing and serving Enjoy this delicious treat anytime Perfect for a quick and easy snack

4: The combination of chocolate and bananas Creates a rich and moist cake A simple recipe that is ready fast No need for an oven, just a frying pan

5: Great for satisfying your sweet tooth Pairs well with a scoop of ice cream Or a dollop of whipped cream on top A decadent treat in minutes

6: Experiment with different toppings Like chopped nuts or chocolate chips Make it your own with a drizzle of caramel This versatile cake is a crowd pleaser

7: Perfect for last-minute guests Or when you're craving something sweet This cake is a go-to recipe Quick, easy, and oh so delicious

8: No need to preheat the oven Just a stovetop and a frying pan Bananas and chocolate combine to Create an irresistible cake in minutes

9: Next time you're in the mood for A tasty treat, try this recipe out 15 minutes is all it takes For a homemade chocolate banana cake