1: The 1976D Bicentennial Clad Quarter is a regular strike coin worth $64.62.

2: Made to commemorate America's 200th anniversary, this quarter is a prized collectible.

3: This quarter features a unique reverse design celebrating the nation's bicentennial.

4: With a mintage of over 860 million, the 1976D Quarter remains widely available.

5: Despite its high mintage, the coin's historical significance makes it valuable to collectors.

6: In mint condition, a 1976D Bicentennial Clad Quarter can fetch up to $64.62.

7: The coin's value may increase over time as more collectors seek to own this piece of history.

8: Collectors and hobbyists alike prize the 1976D Bicentennial Clad Quarter for its historical significance.

9: Add this unique quarter to your collection today and own a piece of America's history.