1: "Young Sheldon" Watch as Sheldon Cooper navigates high school in this hit spinoff prequel

2: "The Flashback Episode" Discover how Leonard, Penny, and the gang first met in this hilarious flashback

3: "Shamy's Wedding" Join Amy and Sheldon as they tie the knot in this heartwarming special event

4: "Raj's Romantic Getaway" Follow Raj and Anu on their adventurous trip that leads to a surprising twist

5: "Howard's Space Voyage" See Howard blast off into space for a once-in-a-lifetime mission

6: "Penny's Career Change" Witness Penny's journey as she pursues a new career opportunity

7: "Amy's Nobel Prize Win" Celebrate as Amy receives the prestigious Nobel Prize in a touching ceremony

8: "The Wil Wheaton Crossover" Catch Wil Wheaton's guest appearance as he shakes things up with the gang

9: "The Big Bang Theory Finale" Relive the emotional series finale that left fans in tears and broke records.