1: "High ponytail is a classic choice for adding volume and covering bald spots on mature women."

2: "Side-swept bangs can soften your look and give the illusion of fuller hair in minutes."

3: "Loose waves are a simple yet stylish option that adds texture and volume to thinning hair."

4: "Half-up top knot is a trendy hairstyle that keeps hair off your face while adding height."

5: "Sleek bun is a chic and sophisticated option for formal occasions or everyday wear."

6: "Layered bob is a low-maintenance style that adds volume and movement to thinning hair."

7: "Curled ends create a youthful look and add volume to flat hair over 50."

8: "Twisted crown braid is an elegant updo that covers bald spots and adds texture."

9: "Voluminous curls are a glamorous choice for special events or everyday confidence boosting."