1: 1. Chemistry: Tony and Ziva's dynamic keeps you hooked. 2. Suspense: Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. 3. Humor: Their banter adds a light-hearted touch.

2: 1. Nostalgia: Fans of NCIS will love the spinoff. 2. Character development: Learn more about Tony and Ziva's past. 3. Strong female lead: Ziva's badassery is a highlight.

3: 1. Variety: Each episode brings something new to the table. 2. Twists and turns: You'll never predict what happens next.

4: 1. Fan service: Easter eggs and nods to NCIS fans. 2.An ensemble cast: Each character brings something unique. 3. Strong female friendships: Ziva's relationship with female characters shines.

5: 1. Heart-pounding moments: Action-packed sequences will keep you glued. 2. Cliffhangers: Each episode leaves you craving more. 3. Iconic duo: Tony and Ziva's partnership is iconic.

6: 1. Compelling villains: The antagonists are as captivating as the heroes. 2. High stakes: Lives are on the line in each case. 3.Setting: Exotic locations add to the show's allure.

7: 1. Strong female role model: Ziva's strength and resilience inspire. 2. Friendship goals: Tony and Ziva's bond is friendship goals. 3. Fast-paced: The show's pace keeps you engaged.

8: 1. Unpredictable: The show keeps you guessing till the end. 2.Diversity: The cast represents a range of backgrounds and experiences. 3. Empowering: Watching Tony and Ziva take on challenges is empowering.

9: 1. Emotional payoff: The series finale will leave you satisfied. 2. Impactful themes: Love, loss, and redemption are central themes. 3. Escapism: Dive into the world of Tony and Ziva's adventures.