1: 1. Michael Weatherly debunked the myth of a Tony and Ziva spinoff. 2. Fans were shocked to learn the truth behind the rumors.

2: 3. The actor clarified that there are no plans for a spinoff. 4. Many were disappointed by this revelation.

3: 5. Weatherly emphasized the importance of focusing on new projects. 6. The idea of a spinoff continues to intrigue fans.

4: 7. Tony and Ziva's storyline on NCIS left fans wanting more. 8. Weatherly's clarification put an end to speculation.

5: 9. Despite fans' hopes, the spinoff is not in the works. 10. Weatherly's honesty was appreciated by supporters.

6: 11. Some fans were surprised by the news. 12. The actor's statement brought closure to the speculation.

7: 13. Weatherly's words may have disappointed some viewers. 14. The truth about the spinoff was finally revealed.

8: 15. Tony and Ziva's chemistry on NCIS captured audiences' hearts. 16. Weatherly set the record straight about the spinoff rumors.

9: 17. Michael Weatherly debunked the false claims surrounding the spinoff. 18. Fans can look forward to new projects from the talented actor.