1: Meet Hange Zoe, the quirky and brilliant scientist from Attack on Titan.

2: Discover Ozen, the enigmatic and powerful White Whistle from Made in Abyss.

3: Learn about Simon, the determined hero from Gurren Lagann who never gives up.

4: Introducing Kyoko Sakura, the complex and flawed magical girl from Madoka Magica.

5: Meet Jiraiya, the legendary Toad Sage from Naruto known for his wisdom and humor.

6: Discover Makoto Naegi, the hopeful and optimistic protagonist from Danganronpa.

7: Learn about Kaname Chidori, the strong-willed and compassionate heroine from Full Metal Panic.

8: Introducing Shiroe, the strategic mastermind from Log Horizon who excels in the virtual world.

9: Meet Yona, the brave and determined princess from Yona of the Dawn on a quest for redemption.