1: Get creative with these 10-minute Mediterranean food crafts for kids. Fun and easy recipes to try this weekend!

2: Make edible art with pita bread pizzas. Customize toppings for a tasty and interactive cooking activity.

3: Whip up colorful fruit kabobs with Greek yogurt dip. Healthy and delicious snack that kids will love.

4: Create mini Greek salad cups with cucumber, feta, and olives. A fresh and fun twist on a classic dish.

5: Craft veggie wraps with hummus and fresh vegetables. Encourage kids to try new flavors with this simple recipe.

6: Bake homemade falafel bites with a side of tzatziki sauce. Easy to make and a great introduction to Mediterranean cuisine.

7: Build Greek yogurt parfaits with layers of granola and berries. A sweet treat that's perfect for breakfast or dessert.

8: Construct mini gyro sliders with pita bread, meat, and veggies. Delicious and satisfying finger food for little hands.

9: Try a family-friendly cooking competition with a Mediterranean twist. Have fun and bond over food this weekend!