1: "Never use a wire brush on a hot grill - it can leave harmful bristles behind."

2: "Avoid spraying water on hot coals - it can cause flare-ups and injuries."

3: "Never close the lid when lighting the grill - it can lead to a dangerous explosion."

4: "Avoid using lighter fluid on a lit grill - it can cause a sudden burst of flames."

5: "Never grill indoors - it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning."

6: "Avoid using abrasive cleaners on your grill - it can damage the surface."

7: "Never leave your grill unattended - it can lead to fires and accidents."

8: "Avoid overloading the grill with food - it can lead to uneven cooking."

9: "Never neglect cleaning your grill - it can attract pests and cause food contamination."