1: 1. Classic French tips with a twist - add a glitter accent nail for a glamorous touch. 2. Play with different nail shapes - try a coffin or almond shape for a modern look.

2: 3. Mix and match colors - use pastel shades or neon hues for a fun and bold French manicure. 4. Negative space French nails - leave some of your natural nail exposed for a minimalist style.

3: 5. French ombre nails - blend two contrasting colors for a chic and trendy gradient effect. 6. Add nail art - floral designs, geometric patterns, or metallic accents can elevate your French manicure.

4: 7. Reverse French tips - swap the traditional white tips for a colored base for an edgy twist. 8. French fades - blend two shades together for a soft and romantic French manicure look.

5: 9. French tip with a twist - try adding a different color tip for a pop of color and personality. 10. Matte finish French nails - opt for a matte top coat for a modern and sophisticated French manicure look.

6: 11. Studded French tips - add rhinestones or studs to your French manicure for a touch of glamour. 12. French ombré with a twist - mix up the traditional ombré technique with unique color combinations.

7: 13. Checkerboard French tips - alternate black and white squares for a bold and graphic French manicure. 14. Textured French nails - add a textured top coat for a tactile element to your French manicure.

8: 15. French fade with a glitter accent - mix a gradient fade with a glitter accent nail for a sparkly French manicure. 16. Splatter paint French nails - create a splatter effect with multiple colors for a artsy and creative French manicure.

9: 17. French tip with a metallic finish - swap out the white tips for a metallic hue for a futuristic French manicure. 18. French tip with a twist - try a mismatched French tip for a playful and unexpected French manicure look.