1: 1. Attack on Titan: Prepare for heart-pounding action and epic battles.

2: 2. My Hero Academia: Follow heroes-in-training as they fight against evil.

3: 3. One Punch Man: Experience the hilarious adventures of an overpowered hero.

4: 4. Naruto: Join Naruto on his journey to become the greatest ninja.

5: 5. Demon Slayer: Witness a thrilling tale of demon-slaying swordsmen.

6: 6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Dive into a world of alchemy and redemption.

7: 7. Death Note: Explore the dark consequences of a deadly notebook.

8: 8. Sword Art Online: Enter a virtual world filled with danger and adventure.

9: 9. Dragon Ball Z: Join Goku and friends in their quest for ultimate power.