1: Avoid over-washing hair, as it strips natural oils. Opt for gentle shampoos for healthier locks.

2: Don't ignore regular trims to reduce split ends and promote hair growth.

3: Avoid using harsh chemicals and heat styling tools to prevent damage and breakage.

4: Overusing hair products can weigh down hair and lead to buildup. Use sparingly.

5: Neglecting a balanced diet can result in lackluster hair. Eat nutrient-rich foods for shine.

6: Avoid tight hairstyles that can cause hair loss and breakage. Opt for loose styles.

7: Skipping heat protectant before styling can cause irreversible damage. Protect your hair.

8: Avoid excessive sun exposure without protection to prevent dryness and color fading.

9: Over-washing hair can lead to a dry scalp. Limit washing to maintain natural oils.