1: 1. Dr. Richard Webber - The original chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, known for his wisdom and leadership.

2: 2. Dr. Derek Shepherd - Renowned neurosurgeon and former chief of surgery, made a lasting impact on the hospital.

3: 3. Dr. Owen Hunt - Experienced trauma surgeon turned chief of surgery, facing personal and professional challenges.

4: 4. Dr. Miranda Bailey - Fearless and talented surgeon who later became chief of surgery, leading with authority and compassion.

5: 5. Dr. Preston Burke - Skilled cardiothoracic surgeon and brief chief of surgery, leaving a mark on the hospital.

6: 6. Dr. Katie Bryce - Former chief of surgery and pioneering female surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

7: 7. Dr. Alana Cahill - Brief chief of surgery known for her innovative ideas and high standards.

8: 8. Dr. Erica Hahn - Cardiothoracic surgeon and former chief of surgery, bringing expertise and a no-nonsense attitude.

9: 9. Dr. Catherine Avery - Esteemed chief of surgery and powerful force at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, shaping the future of medicine.


All 9 Grey’s Anatomy Characters Who Have Been Chief Of Surgery