1: Wondering when to drink electrolytes for best absorption? Learn the ideal timing for optimal hydration and performance.

2: Pre-workout: Sip on electrolytes 30 minutes before exercise to prepare your body for intense activity.

3: During exercise: Maintain electrolyte levels by drinking a balanced solution throughout your workout for sustained energy.

4: Post-workout: Replenish lost electrolytes within 30 minutes of exercise to aid in recovery and muscle repair.

5: Before bed: Consider consuming electrolytes before sleep to support hydration during the night and reduce muscle cramps.

6: With meals: Incorporate electrolytes into your diet to enhance absorption and overall health benefits.

7: Hot weather: Increase electrolyte intake during heat waves or intense physical activity to prevent dehydration.

8: Illness: Hydrate with electrolytes when sick to replace lost fluids and maintain proper electrolyte balance.

9: Overall, listen to your body's cues and adjust electrolyte intake as needed for maximum absorption and hydration benefits.