1: Cannes Fashion Diane, Greta, and Michelle stun at Cannes Film Festival on the red carpet.

2: Diane Kruger Actress Diane Kruger wows in a regal gown at Cannes Fashion event.

3: Greta Gerwig Filmmaker Greta Gerwig dazzles in a chic ensemble at Cannes red carpet.

4: Michelle Williams Actress Michelle Williams shines in a glamorous outfit at Cannes Fashion show.

5: Best Dressed Diane, Greta, and Michelle named best dressed at Cannes Fashion event.

6: Trendsetters The trio set fashion trends with their stunning looks at Cannes Film Festival.

7: Fashion Icons Diane Kruger, Greta Gerwig, and Michelle Williams cement their status as fashion icons.

8: Red Carpet Glamour Cannes Fashion event showcases elegance and style with Diane, Greta, and Michelle.

9: Fashion Forward Diane, Greta, and Michelle steal the show with their stylish red carpet looks at Cannes.