1: Cody Rhodes challenges The Bloodline for the WWE Universal Title in a thrilling match.

2: The stakes are high as Cody Rhodes puts everything on the line to defeat The Bloodline.

3: The WWE Universe is on the edge of their seats as Cody Rhodes battles against The Bloodline.

4: A fierce showdown ensues as Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline clash in the ring.

5: Cody Rhodes delivers a show-stopping performance to outshine The Bloodline and claim the Universal Title.

6: The victory is sweet as Cody Rhodes raises the Universal Title high in triumph.

7: The WWE Universe erupts in cheers as Cody Rhodes becomes the new Universal Champion.

8: A new era begins as Cody Rhodes takes his place on top of the WWE Universe.

9: Cody Rhodes' reign as Universal Champion is just beginning, and the WWE Universe is eagerly anticipating what he will do next.