1: "Introduction to Dementia Diet" Discover the power of dietary choices in lowering Alzheimer's risk with these top swaps.

2: "Turmeric Tea" Sip on turmeric tea for its anti-inflammatory properties to support brain health.

3: "Blueberries" Swap sugary snacks for blueberries, packed with antioxidants to protect against cognitive decline.

4: "Leafy Greens" Opt for leafy greens like spinach and kale to boost brain function and decrease Alzheimer's risk.

5: "Omega-3 Rich Fish" Include salmon and mackerel in your diet for essential fatty acids that protect against Alzheimer's disease.

6: "Green Tea" Replace sugary beverages with green tea, known for its brain-boosting and protective properties.

7: "Nuts and Seeds" Enjoy nuts and seeds as a snack to improve memory and cognitive function, lowering Alzheimer's risk.

8: "Whole Grains" Swap processed carbs for whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, linked to improved brain health.

9: "Dark Chocolate" Indulge in dark chocolate for its flavonoids that enhance memory and lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease.