1: Say goodbye to thin highlights and opt for bold, face-framing balayage instead.

2: Don't be stuck in the past with tight, spiral perms – embrace looser, more natural waves.

3: Banish over-processed, straw-like hair by embracing nourishing hair masks and treatments.

4: Step away from the flat iron and embrace your natural texture for a healthier hair routine.

5: Say farewell to overly structured updos and embrace effortless, messy buns for a modern look.

6: Bid adieu to blunt, heavy bangs and opt for soft, face-framing layers for a more flattering style.

7: Swap out over-the-top, sky-high bouffants for sleek, low ponytails for a chic and modern look.

8: Forget about intricate braided styles and embrace simple, understated braids for a more modern look.

9: Say goodbye to harsh, unnatural hair colors and opt for subtle highlights and lowlights for a more timeless look.