1: Experts warn against refrigerating these food items for safety and freshness.

2: 1. Tomatoes: Refrigeration can compromise taste and texture.

3: 2. Onions: Moisture in the fridge can make onions mushy.

4: 3. Potatoes: Cold temperatures can turn potatoes gritty and spoil faster.

5: 4. Garlic: Refrigeration can cause garlic to sprout and lose flavor.

6: 5. Avocados: Keep avocados on the counter to ripen properly.

7: 6. Honey: Honey can crystallize and harden in the fridge.

8: 7. Bread: Staling process accelerates in the refrigerator.

9: 8. Nuts: Nuts can absorb odors in the fridge and go rancid faster.