1: Entice hummingbirds with vibrant fuchsia petunias in hanging baskets!

2: Attract these tiny birds with trumpet-shaped blooms like cape fuchsia.

3: Fill your hanging baskets with bright red bee balm for hummingbirds.

4: Plant coral honeysuckle to provide nectar for visiting hummingbirds.

5: Include colorful nasturtiums in your hanging baskets for hummingbirds to enjoy.

6: Lure hummingbirds with the tubular flowers of salvia plants in baskets.

7: Add trailing fuchsia to your hanging baskets to attract hummingbirds.

8: Aromatic sweet alyssum blooms will appeal to hummingbirds in hanging baskets.

9: Dangle trailing lobelia in your baskets to entice hummingbirds with its blooms.