1: "Discover the latest trends in layered haircuts for every face shape. From long layers to short styles, find your perfect match."

2: "Round faces? Opt for face-framing layers to elongate your features. Heart-shaped? Try soft layers to balance your forehead."

3: "Oval faces can pull off any haircut, but try long layers for added texture. Square faces suit choppy layers for a modern look."

4: "Diamond faces look stunning with layers starting at the cheekbones. Rectangle faces? Go for layers that add width and softness."

5: "Mix up your layered haircut with bangs for a fresh twist. Side-swept, blunt, or curtain bangs can complement any face shape."

6: "Enhance your layered cut with highlights or balayage for added dimension. Play with different colors for a unique and vibrant look."

7: "Maintain your layers with regular trims to keep them looking fresh. Use styling products to add volume, texture, or sleekness to your hair."

8: "Experiment with different styling techniques for your layered hair. Try beachy waves, sleek straight, or glamorous curls for a versatile look."

9: "Embrace your individual style with a layered haircut that enhances your face shape. Consult with your stylist for personalized recommendations."