1: Don't miss the Orionid meteor shower in October! Watch the stunning night sky phenomenon from any dark location.

2: Get ready to spot shooting stars during peak activity from October 20 to 21, in the early morning hours.

3: The Orionid meteor shower is best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere, but Southern Hemisphere observers can also enjoy.

4: Find a spot away from city lights for optimal viewing and don't forget to bring a blanket and hot beverage.

5: Look towards the constellation Orion, where the meteors appear to originate, for the best chance of spotting them.

6: Stay patient and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness to see more shooting stars during the peak nights.

7: Meteor showers can be unpredictable, but expect to see around 10 to 20 meteors per hour during peak activity.

8: Capture the magic of the Orionid meteor shower with a camera by using long exposure settings and a tripod.

9: Experience the beauty of nature's fireworks with the Orionid meteor shower this October – a celestial spectacle not to be missed.