1: Pros: Loyal, Protective, Intelligent. Cons: Needs training, Can be territorial.

2: Pros: Great guard dog, Good with family. Cons: Strong willed, Requires exercise.

3: Pros: Affectionate, Devoted companion. Cons: Prone to obesity, Shedding.

4: Pros: Easy to train, Versatile working dog. Cons: High energy, Potential aggression.

5: Pros: Smart, Alert watchdog. Cons: Requires socialization, Strong prey drive.

6: Pros: Excellent temperament, Confident breed. Cons: Health issues, Early socialization crucial.

7: Pros: Protective of children, Gentle giant. Cons: Needs firm leadership, Can be stubborn.

8: Pros: Low maintenance coat, Good for experienced owners. Cons: Requires strong leadership, Potential health concerns.

9: Pros: Family-friendly, Protective guardian. Cons: Not for novice owners, Requires consistent training.