1: Meet the Schizophragma, often mistaken for a hydrangea with easier care requirements.

2: Stunning blooms of white or pink adorn this low-maintenance plant, perfect for beginners.

3: Unlike hydrangeas, Schizophragma thrives in partial shade with moist, well-draining soil.

4: Prune dead branches in early spring and enjoy beautiful foliage year-round.

5: With minimal pruning needs, this plant is a versatile addition to any garden.

6: Schizophragma's climbing ability adds a unique touch to fences or trellises.

7: Plant in a sheltered spot for best results and watch it flourish effortlessly.

8: Adaptable to various climates, Schizophragma is the perfect low-maintenance option.

9: Add the Schizophragma to your garden for a Hydrangea look-alike that's easier to care for.