1: "The Witcher Season 4 set to release in 2023. Fans eagerly await new adventures with Geralt."

2: "Henry Cavill returns as Geralt of Rivia. More monsters, magic, and epic battles ahead."

3: "Season 4 to explore Ciri's powers and destiny. New characters and alliances will be revealed."

4: "Filming for Season 4 began in August 2022. Expect stunning visuals and locations."

5: "Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich promises darker, more intense storyline. War is coming to the Continent."

6: "The Witcher universe expands with spin-off shows. WitcherCon to reveal more details soon."

7: "Fans speculate on the fate of key characters. Will Jaskier and Yennefer return in Season 4?"

8: "Original soundtrack by Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli. Expect new themes and musical motifs."

9: "Stay tuned for updates on The Witcher Season 4. Prepare for an epic journey on Netflix."